Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pedhavaadi Aakrandhana | Telugu Poetry

ఎనాళ్ళని... ఎనాళ్ళని...
అలుపెరగని కష్టాలని,
నీడకున్న భయాని,
నాడికిలేని ధైర్యాని,
రాలేని సహాయాని,
వేచి చూసే కనులని,
పొంగుతున కోపాని,
నిలువని  నిశ్చింతని,

తగన్ని... తగన్ని...
మంచికి కూడా రోజోస్తుందని...

ఆపలేని మౌనాని,
చిందించిన రక్తాని,
తాకటు పెటలేని అభిమానాన్ని,
కార్చిన కనీరుని,

నిలిచుండని... నిలిచుండని...
మంచికి కూడా రోజోస్తుందని...

కుళ్ళుతున ధేహాని,
నీరుకారుతున ప్రాణాని,
అలిసిపోయిన స్వాసని,
అందలేని దేవుడ్ని,

పలకని... పలకని...    
మంచికి కూడా రోజోస్తుందని...

కానరాని సత్యాని,
అంతులేని భాధన్ని,
స్తంబించిన హృదయాని,
కడుపునిండా కలలని,

చెపని... చెపని...
మంచికి కూడా రోజోస్తుందని...

కాలకూట విషాని,
భరించలేని మనసుని,

అరవని... అరవని...    
మంచికి నేడే రోజని...

Na bangaaru konda | నా బంగారు కొండ | Telugu Poetry

కోపం లో తను వేడి కుండ...
అనురాగం లో మంచు కుండ...
ప్రేమకి మచ్చ రాకుండా...
కష్టాలో ఉంటుంది నా అండ...
నా బంగారు కొండ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rights, Responsibilities & Respect towards ladies by guys

It was always been a challenge to me on how to compare a woman. I start with fragile, flower, crystal, cross many pages and finally end up with 'respect'.

Maybe it’s my experience (I'm damn good people watcher) or it is something which I took for granted. But I'm happy the way I'm towards them.

Most of the ladies I met showed less common sense. Please wait for a moment before you take decision on me.

It is just that their acts look nonsense sometimes, which aren't. Wondered why she asks you again and again the same question of whether you ate? It's because she cares for you.

May be the saying, 'To err is human' correspond more to women. But it is not that they have less IQ. While sometimes I see their ignorance or innocence, most of the time they act out of care and love.

Or maybe my world is so small that I saw only such ladies and concluded so. A close friend of mine once said to me that, one can write a book about a man but will surely fail even if they think that writing about a woman is possible. And so my writings would be just excerpts.

RRR Formula

While it is Right of a young guy to flatter, impress and even flirt a lady, it is his prime Responsibility to not hurt her feelings. He should always Respect her for what she is.

This is where I'll end this abruptly as the reasons come with fury because of those who usually don't follow above rule.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

World in the mist of 'LIKE'

Someone might already brought this into light, but I just realized it.

It all started with me thinking for the reasons why people write poems.

One can list out Love, hate, compassion, dream, happiness, sorrow and go on till he is out of all emotions.

On thinking, I narrowed the list down to one, which is like.

Let me just list out all above reasons one by one and then show how they indeed are like

Love - Synonym of like !

Hate - You hate something because you like something else.

Compassion - You care for others. Isn't that kind of like?

Dream - You like to achieve something.

Happiness - Its because you like it

Sorrow - Its because you miss something you like

You might strike this out as my perspective, but like in every human got its own perspective.

Selfishness, corruption, war, crime and what not. Just name it and see that we are covered by like.

One can only create like as destroying it would be an act because he likes something else.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you want me to search for you, again?

One of the reasons why the blog got named hunter4u is that, I search the content for you in WWW. It was such a great success with mails flooding my inbox daily. I had to shut that service as I couldn't process as the request queue increased daily. Being only hunter in this process is the major factor in calling off the service. But I was never happy. I'm unable to fulfill the necessity, this blog came up. I'm ready to search for you again. I'll post the searched content along with the name of the person who requested it. So, what do you say? Shall I give another try? 

As you might have observed, I'm rarely posting these days. Well, reason is that I'm busy with my new job. But searching and posting will bring back me into the web world.

All those RSS readers, kindly spare time and give me your opinion on this. 

help me to help you out :)

Update: I will post a web form so that one can send request through that. Comments will do, but sending request through form is advised.