Saturday, January 24, 2009

A guy never does what a lady does in anger

Every writing of mine has a inspiration. Even a word or saying from me has a meaning and reason and so this post is the result of the long long experience in my life. So if you have something to say about this, please comment here. I will surely consider it :)

Anger in ladies is totally different from guys. There may be different reasons or situations where both genders get angry but the actions done during anger are quite different. I will make it clear...

A guy does what makes him cool. He will try to invert the case for which he was drawn mad. Whereas a girl or lady does what she can do.

Ya, it's that simple. A angry man thinks what should he do to cool himself and a angry women doesn't even take a second to think what is happening around her.

Well at this point, you can just use slang words on me :) ha ha ha.. But that's true.

From many tiny incidents to my !@#$%^^& affair with a girl I observed this. And I can explain this in my view.

Anywhere in the world though a women is trying to be or thought be equal to men, there comes a point where even 0.00001 % is counted in favour of men. The inner feeling of the women who thinks that I am not equally respected in that situation, she tries to burst out from that compression. She wants to fly out. That's not at all wrong. I respect ladies. They are wonderful and beautiful creation of the Almighty from whom I learnt how to control my anger, reduce my laziness, give respect to others and so on.

Embedding the bug of anger in women is not so easy but when installed it creates a hell. This is the reason everyone make joke of the marital life and how a wife tries to dominate a husband. Its simple, try to throw a ball, it will come back with good energy in it :)

This is what happens in women when they are angry. They make irrelevant statements and come to a conclusion which one even can't imagine in his life long dreams. 

ha ha ha ha... But it's worth involving in that situation... You won't get a good entertainer who can talk about irrelevent matters for a long time...


Ya, its time to shower your "anonymous"  comments.... Good luck in changing my mind.


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Anonymous | February 2, 2009 at 10:21 PM  

soo first of all i thank u for making me knw that we have other..It now I've just knw that in this world of humanity we have lot many contraversials,fights,
coldwars,critisism ,arguments
are done on the "Racaial descrmination"which existed n everlastingly existing...but perhaps now by u'r essence of post I've really came to knw that we even hve "Gender desrimintion" goddd........

sooo cmg to point ......I personnalyy feel that u cant abruptly i mean easilyy say that anger varies in men and women....and u even cant state that men try to kool themselves where as women dnt hmmm such a rediculous stmt be fair enought you cant just give the stmtnt based on u'r !@#$%^^& affair .....I mean if one such case turn up u cant forcely make u'r thought universal.....rite

I mean as u said if women dnt think to get kooled up ......wher would men be ....lets have a clear example :There is a couple who used to live happilyy later as same as common shown in INdian cinemas... ther will be a mere conflict b/w them time pases husband torchures her,beats her n makes every moment of life hell.......soo there comes angry...ther'r complte chances of killing her husband ......wen we come to u'r stmt that women not even think to be kool......In this situation wat would happen if women dnt even think to be kool n patiencee .......

This is my thought and I dont have the mere idea to change u'r thought etc...every one has own thought man common its just a democratic nation but we dnt have rite to produce sttements wat i feel is that dnt cum to point of conclusion and state a things based on u'r sinfle casestudies...This is my mere advice to all the users n visitors of the blog.........bbye c u keep going ........

sriharsha | February 3, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

ho ho ho.... dat is wat i expected.. a anonymous reply which tries to shoot a water gun on me.. Hmm I really liked it.... I enjoyed reading every sentence of the reply. I agree with you...

But I also gave the qualities of a women..

" I respect ladies. They are wonderful and beautiful creation of the Almighty from whom I learnt how to control my anger, reduce my laziness, give respect to others and so on."

Well the only point I forgot to add is that the frequency of anger in women when compared to men is less. So there are least chances for haping this situation...

My affair was just as an example... I didnt say a word about it.. I am not gay n so i had to love a girl.. he he he... So I learnt little more... dats it

Anonymous | February 3, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

common man itzz so simple how can u learn n frm wher u can learn to control u'r angry iz just u obseve that quality in her so u get to learn rite i cant say the xact quality but the ingredients no question for u sayng tht women can't n wont try to kool them selves wen they r angry since u it self has confested in u'r comment..............

Another thing ,i just dnt have any idea of gunshooot u with a water gun .......since u have every rite to critique a women i mean that too a women frm whom u infered it but must not defaultly say it resembles universally...and by the way its u saaid tht u've obseved certain things inwhich they contribuute in the post so i've just said u cant come to certain things ....and i tooo n im not at all bothered abt u'r personall issues y n wat nd all....It mkes my duty to comment just u'r post.......and i can surely say that i haven't moved my track of comment out of u'r post....keep blogging n commenting:-)

sriharsha | February 3, 2009 at 9:11 PM  

I would love to see more and more comments from you...

I was not talking about a single lady... I said that I saw many cases...

chal leave it.. I really enjoyed your comments... Thank you for visiting for my blog...

If you need anything in internet...just send me a mail.. (see my frst post )

Anonymous | February 3, 2009 at 11:01 PM  

yeah yaar leve it the way great job!!!i liked u'r blog quite innovative...........

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