Friday, January 2, 2009

Magic in Majorities !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know that numbers you actually see in websites is not so real ? Well, let me make it clear to you then. I was shocked to hear from a source that the real members of website, forum or a community less than the actually showed count. If there are 1,00,000 users for a website, then make a wild guess that out of which 5 to 10 thousand are fake. These accounts are created by the admin and his team. It is a simple strategy, they attract you by showing they have more users.

Well I have a question to you. Will you join into website or community which has less users? And the obvious answer would be, NO. Because of this reason admins use this strategy. So not only numbers but also reputation and experience of the team or website is needed to spend some time on it. 

Indeed I can say it surely that most of the content in website is not by the ordinary users and its from same team only. I have observed it many times. You are searching for some application or query about repairing your OS. For the keywords you used in search engine you get results. These results are of two types, one which is really posted somewhere and one which is just waiting for you. Some admins and moderators of communities and forums post topics or simply questions for which they already know answers. They would simply start a topic and answer it again using other account. 

You would ask me, why he did so. They do it as they have many advantages. Firstly posts count increases showing that they have active and new posts regularly. Secondly commentings. Admin team would love to see users commenting on topics. But the human nature saya that, if you have a chance if getting something with a option of returing a thanks then we would surely choose not to thank him. This acts here, no user posts comments after using the resourses. But they start doing it if others do. So admins initially post comments from different accounts and then they stop when real users start posting comments.

And next comes main reason of posting by admins. Admins know or will try to know the keywords related to there website so that when users search for sites they would get there website. So using these keywords, admins post both new topics and comments. So when you search using those keywords, you will be shown that link. 

Leaving the intentions of the admins, you are helped in the end.

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Anonymous | January 5, 2009 at 9:39 AM  

nice article ..

*there* and *their* are two different words ..

sriharsha | January 5, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

I don't know where i have wrongly spelt.But i will see tha it will not occur again

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