Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why you are given FREE candy's in internet....

Before actually going into the reasons I would like to say a word to all. The creators of any stuff should be given a minimum respect, right ? This is how we make them to continue there work. For entertainment field piracy is like chains tied up to the elephant.

One just can't use free copies, bringing losses to the publishers or producers and forcing them to slow down there work. There will be a day where every person of entertainment industry would stop there work expecting a truthful returns. So stop PIRACY.

Let me just drag you back to the free stuff like songs,movies,videos,games,applications and many more. Hmmm you are enjoying the files which you don't even have to comment or send a mail to the person who provided it for you freely. Did you ever think of helping him in return ? Answer would be, NO. But you are helping him and the ways will revealed now !!!

There is lot going out there where you are used for gaining many things without even letting you to know them. Ads play a major role here. Before you download the file or while browsing ads are shown to you.

These ads pay the admins of the websites or the forums or the communities. You are either asked to click ads or simply view them. By this you are buying him a coffee. And so just don't limit your idea to money itself. Instead of money, you can offer assets to others, right ?

Here comes the " PREMIUM ACCOUNTS ". Ok let me first make it clear with files you download.

  The files you download are  uploaded into servers and the URL or simply link of it is given to you. One can find many file hosting websites providing space in servers for storing files.

To make it crystal clear, I will take the example of "". Rapidshare allows users to download files at free of cost posting some condition's like one can download only a single file at a time. And the other way of downloading a file is using a premium account. well, you have many advantages of PA. More download speeds and also many files can be downloaded at a time. But it should be purchased.

 And the alternative way of getting a "PA" is free of cost but makes you work for a time. One have to upload files into the server, share the links with friends and collect the points when they download. Later on he can redeem these points to get a "PA".

So when you are downloading something, don't laugh that you took for zero. Indeed it's something like barter system, exchanges are done. Happy surfing.

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