Monday, January 5, 2009

Word on pollution ....

Today I had to discuss about this with my friend. He was worried of the pollution and asked me about that. Well I am giving my opinion over here now clearly. Talking about pollution is like poking eye with your own finger and crying out again. This is why I avoid the discussions like this. But everyone has a responsibility in giving a hand to reduce the pollution, right? So I just try to minimize the pollution from my side. I walk to the nearest areas like malls and groceries so as to save fuel. Whenever I see a running tap, I stop it. Though these seem regular to anyone, I have something to say. Thinking to save fuel or gas and to reduce pollution is enough. No one asks you to stop drinking the water so as to save it. Just a thought will be useful to bring minor changes which when added up brings a huge change. Ocean is made of drops, right? So give your hand in reducing the pollution. Don’t complain on others when you know you too did it once.

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