Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google will help monitor your Electricity Usage!!

The internet giant tests software that lets consumers monitor electricity use - Google is developing a new product to let people see, in detail, how much electricity they're consuming in their homes--knowledge that should incite many to cut back on their power use.

Google is testing the software product internally with about 30 people and hopes to expand it to more than 200 employees in the next few weeks. Later this year, Google plans to conduct pilot projects outside the company.

The company is partnering with a host of electric utilities, device makers, regulators and other technology companies to deliver the data to consumers.

One of those partners is presumably Silver Spring Networks, a Silicon Valley company making technology to upgrade the nation's electric grid. Google confirmed Monday that it had made an investment in Silver Spring but declined to provide details.

Other high-tech behemoths, including IBM and Cisco also are angling to provide technology to improve the aging grid. Right now, the system is old-fashioned and, in many ways, dumb. Utilities can't get much current information about things like outages and power spikes, and most consumers have no idea how much it costs them to use power at certain times of the day.

Google's product, called PowerMeter, is a piece of software that people can view online to see how much electricity they're using every time they run the dryer at 6 p.m. or leave an appliance on overnight.

Google doesn't have concrete plans for how to make money from PowerMeter, but it is yet another product that could drive more Web traffic to the Google site, said Kirsten Olsen Cahill, a program manager with Google.org, the company's philanthropic arm. The coding for the product will also be shared freely, so outside coders can write new applications for PowerMeter.

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KARAN | April 3, 2009 at 7:45 AM  

but i think its only for USA not for our advanced country like india

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