Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top Stupid Computer User Questions

"Why isn't my wireless mouse connected to the computer?"

"Can you reset the Internet for me?"

"Where can I get software to track UFOs?"

There was one bloke who called up a help desk to report that "a skunk ate my cable." Sheesh it could happen to anyone.

There was the usual "My computer is telling me to press any key to continue. Where is the 'any' key?" But some asked if the helpdesk could "rearrange the keyboard alphabetically?"

The IT crowd were expected to be supermen and women who could help in any situation such as "My daughter is locked in the bathroom, can you pick the lock? " and "Can you tell me the weather forecast for next year?" Other punters wanted to install cable TV on their PC.

Apparently there are shedloads of computer users who confused the CD-ROM drive with a drink holder and wanted the "computer's coffee-cup holder" to come out again. Not sure if that one is apocryphal or not.

Katherine Spencer Lee, executive director of Robert Half Technology, said such stupid questions were a test of the skills, and patience, of the help and technical support desks.

After all it takes a lot of skill to ask if they have tried switching the PC off and turning it back on.

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