Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dream Land : CHINA

He he, Yesterday I had another funny dream. I flew to CHINA this time. I was part of the team comprising of our class mates who were to do a project ( Software Development ). And so there were regular meetings regarding our positions in project. And then came a lighting which remembered of my friend, Swapna doing MBBS ( It's real) over there. Ahhh, now the problem is that how should I contact her so that I could meet her. 

As we don't have our own mobile's right at that moment, the only option is to buzz her in messanger or bursting a mail. And now second phase, getting a internet connection. As we are still students who came for internship, we are not  in a postion of asking a system with internet connection before actually settling down with the project. So I had to ask my friend to connect to the web through his mobile ( well, even I am confused, from where he got a mobile now !!! ). That's it, all vanished when I my alarm started banging near my ear :( at 5 am.

Well, there are two points I observed here. First, CHINA and my friend Swapna. Second, my job.

First:  After 3 days, I received offlines from Swapna.


Yesterday I had walked around 4 Kms for searching the regional office of "" to submit my resume and finally found that, they actually don't have a branch in that area.  But I got it in another area, a few blocks from there.

So my actions throughout the day effected my dream.

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