Monday, May 18, 2009

Strange Conversation between me and my friend : TELUGU

Ma college lo faculty ki B-Tech ayina shubhasandhrabhana thanks giving party iddam ani decide ayyam. Sare a roju oka powerpoint slide show chupidam anukunam ma class gurinchi. Ee chatting tarvata alantivi manukovalanii nenu decide ayya.. :D

Friend: hope this rockzzzz
Me: gm ;)
Me: u der ????
Friend: hi
Me: hi dude :D
Friend: thnx
Friend: i am delayed
Friend: i came now
Me: ohh fine
Me: mama srisailam pics unaya ?
Friend: ya
Me: k send gud ones
Me: 911
Friend: ok
Friend: wait
Me: a a :)
Me: k cool
Me: /:)
Me: em pics avi ?
Me: dude.... u r fuckng busy ...:D
Me: pardon me sir.... i need srisailam pics not nagarjuna sagar
Me: ya i agree dat both have water bodies but i prefer srisailam :P
Me: hello.... i am alive over here.... staying online means dat usually dear ;)
Friend: ok
Me: now that's irritating me buddy
Me: wat the frock
Friend: plz
Me: wat
Friend: talking to dad
Me: ohh plz carry on
Friend: 5 min plz
Me: take ur time
Me: i'l buy some time over here
Me: Oops... there's nothing to see here. 
Me: that's the welcome msg i found :D
Me: dude u r funny
Me: k leave it
Friend: ippudu chepparaa
Me: i found dem :P
Friend: inka chala unnayee
Friend: naa deggera
Me: a?? i found dem in my sys buddy
Friend: mana mahi gadi class lo cheppu sean
Me: avii ipudu kadu
Friend: inka 
Me: 'these are for slide show 
Friend: i am uploading sresailam fotos
Me: ivala faculty ki chupidam anii
Me: hmm gud
Me: i will write a dvd today eveng
Friend: googlle picassa lo praneeth arenpalli
Friend: chala images
Me: dude seriously..u need a break... see my msgs and urs.. see n reply accrdng to context
Friend: ok
Friend: wat
Friend: ???

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