Saturday, June 13, 2009

The driver beats himself (2.3 Mb)

An interesting story. In Russia, when the police on the roads arrest drivers, for example when they exceed the speed limit, it’s very common that they take them into their car to talk and give a ticket… The driver on the video is caught driving at 153 km/h (95.1 mph) instead of 80 km/h (49.7 mph), he is arrested by a policeman and taken into the car. The driver doesn’t want to pay the big fine requested so he offers to bribe the policeman in exchange. The police officer refuses. Then, the driver threatens and blackmails him, he says he knows powerful people and the cop will loose its job. The policeman remains indifferent to threats. Here is the interesting part, the guy says he will hit himself, he will accuse the cop and sue him for assault and battery and that he will win in court. The police officer doesn’t care so the guy starts beating himself. The thing is, he did not know there was a camera installed in the car ... when the cop tells him, the guy realizes that he is in big trouble. The big loser of the day who thought he could do anything he wanted ... I say well done for him.

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