Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Ahhhhh I can sense keystrokes of my keyboard.... At last I'm discharged from hospital yesterday. Blog is full with comments and my mail box is full with requests. Now I have around 100 requests. I will start working on them, but this time it will be slow process as I can't spend more time before my PC.

Way I proceed

1. Read your mail.
2. If I think it doesn't take much time I start searching for it and if found, I will flag the mail.
3. If its a huge information you are asking, I will come back :)

Why do I flag

1. Requested information is found.
2. Question is not at all clear ( I will send a personal mail to you )
3. Repeated submissions of same request.

So please use a valid Email-ID and give clear details regarding your request.


Well I don't watch Telugu shows or only touch movies rarely, so please don't drag me in that world.


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