Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet the real Lawnmower Man who owns 365 of the machines

Mr Hardwick, a retired greenkeeper, 69, has 365 lawnmowers stored around his house and garden in Scarborough, which he shares with his long-suffering wife Margaret, 68.

He regularly trawls the internet, newspapers and even shops on holiday hunting for machines to add to his collection.

Mr Hardwick's love of the gardening gadgets was sparked by his 40-year job as greenkeeper of Filey Golf Links.

"Some of my mates think I'm mad, but pals I know from greenkeeping are quite interested," he said.

"I know I've got a lot but I would never sell any of them – they're far too precious.

"They are all over the house but luckily Margaret is quite tolerant, although she does play up a bit sometimes.

"I'm not sure what my favourite one is because there are so many that I am fond of.

"But I have just bought Follows and Baits Climax model for £1,870 which is pretty rare.

"It is the first side wheel mower that was ever made so it's quite important.

"My oldest one is from 1862 and it still works, it's a brilliant machine.

"I am always going around hunting for the next one – scouring the internet, adverts and looking around when we go on holiday for them.

"I take black bin liners with me so if there are any abroad I can strip them down, put them in the bags and bring them back."


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