Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paper Presentations (Seminars) in Engineering Colleges

Hi friends, I gave many seminars and bagged a good count of prizes too while I was doing my graduation. And so I want to share some of the points.

I'm a computer science student and so examples will be from that view.

Friends, Seminars are not only for those highly talented students who can make their own papers. Even I used to take papers from seniors and than submit it into 2 or 3 colleges. Later on I changed my style. The only reason I took papers from my seniors is that I want to come across the stage fear. And now after giving around 12 seminars outside college and 10 in college, I can say that I learned how to stand before 100 people who are waiting for me to talk.

Source for Topics / Papers

1. Well initially go for seniors only, ask them even for PPT's. Don't worry if it is bit old too. Patch it up with new images and present it in a new way.

2. Wanna go with new stuff ???

Well than, update yourself with latest news in your respective field.
I go through many news sites and even company sites who present their latest technologies.

This way you find a topic. Now start searching information regarding that. Create your own paper now.

Or else go with websites who provide "White Papers" for free.
Ex: Techrepublic

for example, If you want to give a paper on "MOON", search White Papers for Moon.
Search String : White Papers Moon

3. Choose a topic and get as many as white papers as possible. Read them, make a review and add a flavor of your ideas and it becomes your own work.

Plz don't ask papers.

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lakshay | August 20, 2009 at 9:28 PM  

i m also doin' b.tech in ece...i have to go through same phase as u did...it's really difficult task to stand in front of 100 people.

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