Monday, November 9, 2009

Galactic Suite Limited Plans New Space Hotel To Open In 2012

Galactic Suite Limited is a company that promotes space tourism, and was founded in 2007. Galactic Suite Limited firmly believes that the world of tourism is on the threshold of a different era.

The company aims upon creating world’s first space resort by 2012. It also aims at making space tourism worthwhile.

Galactic Suite has appointed several companies including EQUIPXCL, GBT, CTAE, and 4FC for working upon the Master Plan of GSProject. All our associates are fully dedicated to make our space hotel exist in full glory by 2012.

We are also concerned with the well being of the tourists. They will be provided with brief training before their journey to the space begins. The astronauts will be trained suitably on a tropical island. We aim at being not only the first, but also the biggest chain of the orbital resorts, even if other competitors enter into the field in future.

The space hotel is not only going to be a unique mega project, but also a revolution as far as tourism is concerned - we are talking here of space tourism. It’s like adding wings to your imagination. The company says they understand that stepping into space is no ordinary task for the common man.

Nonetheless, the company says they are fully committed to make the experience not only thrilling, but also safe for their tourists who rely upon them. Besides touring in space, clients will also enjoy the thrill of training prior to reaching the space resort.

According to the company's website, potential travelers who wish to be space tourists, are most welcome to apply for a reservation right now via their website.

The company promises that after a client's training is complete, and you are at their space resort, you will go through large number of thrilling experiences. For instance, these may include gazing at earth, moon, planets, not to mention the surreal sleeping arrangements, weightlessness etc.


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