Sunday, November 29, 2009

T-shirts with swear words, nipple tassels outrage parents

London: Children's T-shirts with swear words, violent images and sexual innuendoes printed on them have incensed parents.

These garments can be bought off the Internet for 16pounds.

"I've done **** all today," the Daily Express quoted a T-shirt slogan, as reading.

Another T-shirt made for babies in the age of six months to a year has nipple tassels.

Some others show a grey-haired woman hitting a lamb with a stick, and a footballer drop-kicking a toy rabbit.

T-shirts were also available with logos where A stands for Ashtray, B for Beer, J for Joint - with an image of a marijuana cigarette, and K for Knife.

These have now been withdrawn from the market by clothing company Twisted Twee.

However, parent groups are enraged by such slogans on kids' wear.

Margaret Morrissey, of Parents Outloud, said: "This is out of order.

"We've had the Government this week telling us we need to teach children respect. If we are allowing this sort of thing to be marketed to children we are on the rocky road to nowhere. I'm not a Mary Whitehouse figure but we cannot think we are going to teach children standards if we put them in T-shirts with rude words on them."

Nick Seaton, of the Campaign for Real Education added: "Most people will think this is totally wrong.

"Some of these slogans and images actually appear to be -designed to encourage bad -behaviour and I would question their legality. I'm surprised -people would buy this rubbish." (ANI)

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