Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The SeaOrbiter - An Underwater Ocean Ship?

If you've ever watched any of the Star Trek episodes, you may be forgiven for experiencing a slight sense of déjà vu when you see the new SeaOrbiter.

Although you may not see the immediate resemblance, the ship may look strangely familiar until it finally clicks into place. Startrek Enterprise? It looks very similar in some ways, very different in other ways.

But no doubt, you're likely to see something familiar there reminding you of the Starship Enterprise.

Literally looking like something from a futuristic movie, the SeaOrbiter is a vessel unlike you've ever seen. Upon first glance, you will actually be forgiven for wondering how on earth this monster will manage to glide through the oceans of the world. The vessel looks totally unstable, unlike any other conventiional ship you may have ever seen.

But then again, this is no conventional ship.

The huge 167ft structure will be partly submerged, allowing what seems to be an upper deck and a lower deck - the latter being submerged under the water. Located in Norway, the testing of a smaller version of the vessel in simulated ocean conditions at Europe's largest simulation laboratory proved the vessel to be extremely stable, even in some of the toughest simulated ocean conditions.

The vessel is currently in prototype phase but the inventor, Jacques Rougerie, has big dreams for the SeaOrbiter. It seems like the SeaOrbiter will act as a floating laboratory where researchers can remain under water almost permanently while researching the world's oceans.

More info: SeaOrbiter.com


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