Tuesday, January 19, 2010

eVaro - Future Hybrid Sportscar

The folks over at Future Vehicle Technologies (formerly known as FuelVapor Technologies) just completed the design on one of the world's first fully functioning, plug-in electric series hybrid vehicles. Aimed at radically changing the automotive industry as we know it, the 'eVaro' has been designed to produce no emissions for about 90% of the time it is on the road, and also to out-perform traditional petroleum based vehicles.
Verified results provided by the University of the Fraser Valley, in British Columbia, showed the eVaro achieving an average of less than 1 litre per 100 kilometers (0.86 to be more exact), or 275 Miles per gallon for leisurely 20-60kph city driving, and an average of 1.43 litres per 100 kilometres, (165 Mpg) on the open road.
The eVaro has a 135mph top speed (217 kilomteres per hour), with an acceleration speed of 0-60 in 5 seconds, and an unlimited range thanks to a custom on-board high voltage generator. All this sounds pretty impresive, but wait until you see what the car actually looks like. It really looks like something from a futuristic movie set, or a far-off concept car that might be developed somewhere in the year 2035. Actually, it's a reality right now.
eVaro SportscareVaro Sportscar eVaro Sportscar eVaro Sportscar
Images courtesy: futurevehicletechnologies.com

About The Car:
The name is not just something that was grabbed out of thin air - although you may be forgiven for thinking so - the name is actually a reference as to how the car functions. 'eVaro' is short for 'electric vehicle with advanced regenerative braking onboard', and it is branded as a high performance sports car. The specs are pretty impressive: 122 mpge to 325 mpge - mpge stands for (miles per gallon equivalent), between 100-125 mile range, (160-201 kilometres) on electricity alone, an unlimited extended range with an onboard FVT gas generator as well as a 3 hour plug in at home re-charge time, or 1 hour with an FVT on board generator.
Judging by the performance, style and functionality, this car may very well be one to watch in the near future.
About The Company
FTV is a company aiming to improve the automotive industry and it impact on the environment, and they now have the ability to sell three thousand vehicles per year across the globe. As their website states -"Fuel-efficient cars don’t have to be slow, ugly or unimaginative."
More info: new-technology-world.com

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