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Save Tada 2 : Cleanup trek to restore nature

Following post is compilation of various mails regarding the program

285 soldiers have signed up for the mission so far, including 45 school children (9 to 12th standard).


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TADA - Mysterious location, with beautiful scenery, pristine waters, crystal clear pools, fresh flowing streams, breathtaking views and the gorgeous Tada waterfalls - this is how Tada was described a few years ago, all this is already becoming history now.


Today Tada is described as a place filled with garbage, liquor bottles, broken glass pieces, plastic covers, plates, plastic water bottles, rappers of biscuits, assorted snacks, aluminium foils, metal caps, clothes, footwear..... and what not? - It is also home to those anti-social elements who drink there and cause harm not only to the general public but also to the peaceful trekkers either directly or indirectly.


Its high time we acted upon this; We as trekkers and nature enthusiasts share a common goal of protecting nature. Yet we have not managed to do much about the anti-social activities happening out there in the name of the so called "Eco-Tourism". Absolutely no rules are being followed in this place, no one ever bothers to check if the rules are being obeyed, plastic wastes are scattered everywhere - yet not a sign of dust bins

The pictures above open the doors to reality, it appears as if mother nature is desperately crying for help. If left unnoticed, the whole place would die out eventually. Friends, lets come together on this date, to help save mother nature before it reaches a point of no return; lets take up the responsibility and clean up this place apart from our usual fun filled trek; lets measure the waste extracted and let the officers know what has happened to a beautiful place in just a few years and document it. This would at least help reduce by a great extent, if not prevent, the use of plastics and littering around; this will make the authorities enforce basic rules that will preserve the beauty for ages to come. So that we can continue our passion and create a safe green home for mother nature.

To show its concern for Tada, CTC along with the help of media dhas decided to take up the clean-up operation under its flag. Friends, and to all those who love nature, come, be a part of this wonderful and responsible trek. Its time to show your part in conserving nature and exposing the corrupt.


Similar to Save Tada/1, we are planning to form 20 garbage buster teams, each lead by a CTC organizer and assigned to 20 different garbage buster zones, demarcated with zone flags.

Objective - Trek/walk to the Tada waterfalls and CLEAN-UP on the way back
Terrain – rocks, some bushes, waterfalls
Difficulty – easy, participants need to be healthy

Duration – 1 day in forest/hills, including clean-up
Distance - 2 hours North of Chennai, around 4km trek
Transportation - own (cars, bikes)
Expense - around 500Rs (shared petrol, food, ...)
Advance – to be paid when joining – 500Rs

TIDEL Park (bus stop) – 5am
Madya Kailash (bus stop) – 5:10am
Guindy circle (Toyota showroom) - 5:20am
Koyambedu (Nathan cafe) - 5:40am
Varadaiahpalem (People coming from Bangalore) - 7:30 am (near Sri Kalahasti)

Comfortable walking shoes
Carry 2 liters of water
Small/medium back-pack to carry water, food
One extra set of clothes if you want to take a dip in the pools
Sun cap and cream
Camera and 500Rs cash

Food will be taken care of by us
Garbage bags and gloves will be provided by us

Peter -, 9600004509
Zeba -, 9940107386
Neetha - neetha.jegan@gmail.com9940121204

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